Company loan for the self-employed & freelancers Debt rescheduling loan Civil servant loan Construction loan However, it remains open which professional groups actually receive a loan and under what conditions this loan is actually granted. For example, it is not clear whether the private loan with its favorable terms also applies to the self-employed. Freelancers register their business with the community; Freelancers often do not get a loan because, unlike employees or workers, they do not have a fixed income. Take out a loan online for the self-employed – even if you have a negative rating or a bad credit rating. Lending is an important factor in today’s world.

The nicest thing about it is.

The nicest thing about it is.

In addition, the Credit Bureau score does not play the leading role. You are passionate about your independence project. Then convince the personal lenders who provide these loans through the Auxmoney platform. Merely a credible presentation of your project and the credit requirements derived from it is appropriate. It is an individual requirement profile in which you briefly present yourself and your loan project.

This enables personal lenders (and it is they who grant the loans) to recover from your credit needs. This enables them to create their own risk potential in the lending business. It is therefore often decided whether 1 or 2 financiers provide the loan or even several financiers.

Thus, the willingness to lend extends over several levels, which reduces the willingness to take risks of many lenders to a minimum. This is often the reason why bank lending fails! In the best case, you will know immediately whether your loan project has been accepted. In this credit process all regulations of the traditional banking guidelines are overridden. In this process, all regulations of traditional banking guidelines are overridden. the guidelines are not followed.

How is loan granted?

How is loan granted?

This can already be seen in the fact that a loan is granted on the basis of a less than optimal Credit Bureau grade and also with poor creditworthiness. Not just for the self-employed, freelancers and freelancers, but for everyone with understandable, serious credit needs. Because the granting of credit differs from conventional procedures, the application procedure is somewhat different.

A short time later, you can usually dispose of the required loan amount and implement your plans. Forget everything that has been said about credit approval. Even if for some reason you have been denied loans in the future. We would be happy to inform you immediately about the topic you need.

If the information is given, this does not constitute legal advice. Public legal advice or a lawyer of your choice is recommended for binding legal advice. In this case, it is advisable to consult a lawyer of your choice. Your details will be sent to us by email via our provider and destroyed immediately after the response. If you withdraw, your details will be suppressed immediately.

The loan experts from us are there for you. You get your desired information immediately!

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